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This was the very first recipe our mother taught us. We used to pour it into a baking tray, let it set and then whack it hard on the counter. We delighted in the mismatched splinters. Thanks to silicone moulds, one can now create these perfect jewel-like bites.

Our childhood recipe contained only butter and sugar, but if one looks to Leipoldt and other food-historians, then theirs contained only sugar or a mixture of sugar and water.  We love the creaminess butter adds and as kids we loved to stand by and see the alchemy at work, watching the colour change and testing the toffee by drizzling some onto a cold plate, hoping for that jackpot moment when all can be poured out.
For uniform results, say if you are making these for a fete or to sell, we suggest it best to take out your candy thermometer.  The difference in colour between the Tameletjies in our image is a result of the sugar used. White for the lighter ones vs light brown sugar for the dark ones.


2 cups ( 400 g) sugar
1 cup ( 250 ml) water
125 g butter
1/2 tsp (2,5 ml) Essence of choice (Vanilla or Rum)

1. In a deep thick-bottomed pot,  pour the water over the sugar.Set aside for an hour ( this is our little trick for making candy and fudge, by letting it stand the sugar dissolves slowly and you do not run the risk of any crystals forming).

2. Stick your thermometer in now (if using).

3.Set the pot over low heat – do not stir, just give the pot a light shake every now and then. Add the butter, let it melt, shake

gently again. Bring to the hard boiled stage ( 146C) – remove from the heat and stir in the essence. Use a ladle and pour into the moulds. For simple shapes it is not necessary to grease the mould with a non-stick spray, but for intricate designs a light spray is a good idea. Carefully fill your moulds with the hot mixture. It should set almost immediately, but let it cool to room temperature before popping them out.

 Store in an air tight container.  Our moulds yielded 36 candies.

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